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Special Education Millage fails to pass! (51% No – 49% Yes)

Thanks to all who advocated for the 30,000+ students in UCS by sharing with friends and relatives in Macomb County the importance of voting YES! on Tuesday, November 8th in support of all our children & schools. While 59,630 caring people took the time to vote YES yesterday, regretfully, 65,283 (28,869 “absentee”) voters in Macomb County decided not to support a critical millage which would have provided much needed funding.  This would have helped to offset the millions of dollars our elected officials have voted to take away from public education. 

Key FACTS about the election:

  • The needs of children with disabilities are increasing in UCS schools and throughout the county. We have more than 3,650 special needs students in Utica Community Schools – nearly 20,000 county wide – and the number is growing.
  • Every student would have benefited because these funds would have paid for mandated special education costs, focusing more of our district’s budget on teaching and learning in EVERY classroom.
  • It would have restored only a quarter of what our schools lose on an annual basis due to funding cuts. Schools will continue to institute cost saving measures to maintain programs in the face of declining revenues and state aid. YES vote would have helped maintain programs for ALL our kids!
  • To the average homeowner, this millage represented just 20 cents per day. The average adjustment in total taxes will be in the area of two-three percent – even less when you consider available credits. Use this convenient link to determine the rate specific for your household: http://mytaxcalc.com/macombisd/Introduction_Sheet.aspx

Apparently, attempts by a political organization to influence the election by distributing misleading information worked. This election should have been about kids, not politics!