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Picture Lady Program

We are delighted to have Mrs. Vaishali Mahimkar as Browning’s Picture Lady Coordinator.  The Picture Lady is a PTA sponsored, nationally endorsed volunteer program which brings art into the classroom.  Each year, adult volunteers present an artist or type of art to as many classrooms that they can.  After the initial set-up, it takes only about 30 minutes per class to talk with the students about the chosen subject.  At the end of the school year, the students are then asked to vote for their favorite print and then that print is purchased, framed, and hung on the school wall.  Many of the artwork that is currently displayed throughout Browning are Picture Lady Prints chosen by students.

To volunteer (you do NOT need to be a woman) or for more information, please send in a note to the Browning office, Attn: PTA Picture Lady.  This fun art enrichment program benefits our students and, ultimately, you as well!

VG’s Grocery Shoppers

VG’s offers a Community Sharing Fund which will pay our school 1% of total grocery purchases (excluding tax, tobacco and alcohol products).  VG’s is a family business with locations in the local area.  Visit to locate the nearest store.

When shopping at any of the 16 VG’s locations, please turn all receipts in the collection box by the Browning office.  We would also encourage you to invite family, friends and neighbors to help!

Kroger Shoppers

Our participation in the New Kroger Rewards Program is paying off – big!  For the quarter ending  7/31/09, Browning received a $741.37 donation from Kroger.   Keep swiping those cards!

By shopping at Kroger, you can help bring much needed funding to Browning by simply linking your Kroger Plus Card to our organization.  Your Kroger Plus Card can be linked to Browning via their secure website,   Select the enroll button under the Participant section.  Please sign up in the “New Customer?” box.  Add our organization #82331 under the Edit Kroger Community Rewards information box.  Once enrolled, simply give your Kroger Plus Card to the cashier before you check out.  Every purchase using the Kroger Plus Card will contribute to Browning’s rewards.  If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Cristie Fuller at [email protected] or 586-532-8460.  Thank you Cristie for chairing this fundraiser!

Michigan Say Yes to No!

Michigan Say Yes to No!

Say hello to help. : )

Thanks to the enthusiasm and support of the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals’ Association (MEMSPA), a statewide Michigan Say Yes to No campaign was launched in December of 2008.  Read more about SYTN.