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WOW! The Browning the Best Staff once again went above & beyond with their creativity & efforts with this year’s pumpkins!   We greatly appreciate it as it helped raise >$650 to help support & enhancee our children’s learning environments! 

Here are just a few pics of the “MASTERPUMPKINS!” Sample Pumpkins
Many thanks to all of the staff who graciously donated their time, talent, & personal touch to make this FUNdraiser a success! You truly are what makes Browning the Best!
Congratulations to all the winners!
Mrs. Poppe’s Black Cat – Kenndy P
Mrs. Bartalino’s Cinderella – Beesan
Mrs. Friedrich’s Elephant – Emily Q
Mrs. Misch’s Angry Birds – Red Bird Cooper V, Blue Birds David R, Andrei O, Jessica W 
Mrs. Sierzenga’s Pig – Morgan D
Mrs. Jahn’s A Bad Case of Stripes – Lexus
Mrs. Schepper’s Where the Wild Things Are – Lexi
Ms. Thompson’s Cupcake – Joseph D
Mrs. Johnston’s 3 Eyed Monster – Donovan G
Mrs. Slusher (Ms. Pamaville)’s Bunch of Eyes Monster – Alyssa Z
Mrs. Westman’s Witch M&M – Tamin
Ms. Jarboe’s Snowman – Amber H
Mrs. Pacioni’s Clown – Jenna M
Mrs. Palmer (Ms. Pianel)’s Witch – Brady W
Mrs. Bernier’s Big Red Angry Bird with Plush Pig – Abby C
Mrs. Papastamatis (Ms. Vandoorne)’s Bear – Ryan K
Mrs. Tocco’s Smurf – Cami P
Mrs. Andrews’s Bumble Bee – Alexander H
Mr. Scott’s Fish – Alexis B
Mrs. Bogoski’s Detroit Tiger Baseball – Griffin
Mrs. Surowiec’s Jeweled Pumpkin – Victoria D
Mrs. Gauthier’s Monster – Jacob G
Mr. Furtah’s Halloween Lights – Evan S
Mrs. Irvine’s Candy Corn – Cole S
Mrs. Zacharski’s Pink M&M – Renee T
Ms. Melissa’s Haunted Pumpkin House – Maria B
Mrs. Hassell’s Snorkler – Cameron



Teacher Wish Lists

When parents & teachers work together, kids win!  As involved parents, we are willing to anything we can to help ensure that our children have the best possible learning environments.  That’s one reason why every year, when our teachers send out their classroom supply requests, we generously donate all we can.  What a difference that makes for every child at our school.

We’ve discovered a new way that makes it even easier for teachers to communicate to us what’s needed.  Simply go to to find & print out your child’s teacher’s wish list in just a few clicks.   If we all give what we can, we’ll make it another great school year for our kids!

6th Annual Browning Elementary Balloon Launch

Direct Donation Fundraiser

Hope you were able to enjoy the sight as students let them fly on Friday, Oct. 7th!  Thus far, at least 11 cards have been returned.  Two of which traveled as far away as Ontario, Canada!   As a result of your generosity, we raised over $6,000!   Proceeds are allocated to help pay for students’ Field Trips, On-Site Learning (School Assemblies), Family Fun Events, 6th Grade Activities, Library Books, Classrooms (supplemental learning supplies), Playground Enhancement, and more… 


How does the Balloon Launch work?

Each child filled out a postcard, including his or her first name and classroom, & it was attached to a balloon.  The postcard requested that the finder return the card to Browning Elementary.  On October 7th, the entire school released the balloons together.  Parents were encouraged to join students as they set them free! It was a spectacular display as our October/Detroit Tiger Orange Balloons drifted up, up, & away!


As the balloon cards are returned to school, they will be tracked for distance, mapped in the school hallway, broadcast on the morning announcements, and returned to your child. 


Benefits of the Balloon Launch:

  • Proceeds go directly to students!
  • Everyone starts the school year together, as one huge Browning family!
  • Every child is included.  ALL students in attendance launched a balloon!
  • Students look forward to cards that are returned, even if the cards are not their own.
  • It does not matter if you have one child or five, your donation counts for all of them.

Today,  Mr. Furtah announced the winners of the Balloon launch random drawing.  Congratulations to all!   


Casey L. – Mrs. Sierzenga

Kaela B. – Mrs. Aiello

Cameron P. – Mrs. Bernier

Griffin N. - Mrs. Bernier

Julianna D. - Mr. Scott

Austin H.  – Mrs. LaCroix

Nita d. - Mrs. Tocco

Michael N. – Mr. Scott

Nicholas A. – Mrs. Pacioni

Dylan D. – Mrs. Pacioni

Sierra S. – Mrs. Pacioni

Caitlin S. – Mrs. Tocco

Brandon F. – Mrs. Bartalino (AM)

Grace H. – Mrs. Misch

Austin M. – Mrs. Jarboe


Grand Prize Winner of the Kalahari gift certificate- Isabella C. in Mrs. Bartalino’s AM class!


Congratulations to all of our winners!  We’d also like to thank all the families that contributed to the balloon launch fundraiser, the Medina family & the Dawood family for prizes as well as all of the volunteers for their help on the day of the balloon launch!  Without you, this event would not have been so successful!  As always, we greatly appreciate your support! 

 How does this raise money for our school?

Our goal is to raise one $40.00 donation per family. Our hope is that each family will participate at some level, and that you might ask grandparents/aunts/uncles, to contribute towards your family goal of $40.00. Donations will be collected until October 14th.  Please make a donation that is best for your family. Please Note:  All students who raise $60.00 will be entered/eligible to win a family getaway to Kalahari Resort! Students will receive one entry for every $60.00 raised.

 Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make/distribute copies for event, fill & tie more than 550 balloons the morning of the launch, etc..  We greatly appreciate all of the time & effort this year’s Balloon Launch Chairperson Jill de Jesus devoted in an effort to make FUNdraiser a huge success for ALL our students! 

“It Takes a Village!”

BalloonLaunch_2011_Post Card