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A positive school partnership between the home and school is critical to our students’ success.  While “Take Your Family to School Week” was offically Feb. 14th to 18th, we hope you will continue to volunteer to help in the classroom and for school events throughout the year! 

 ·         Welcome to School Morning Fun & Coffee - Students & staff enjoyed adding their names on the front windows of Browning on Friday, Feb, 18th as they entered school.  Special washable, colorful window crayons were utilized.  Parents & staff were treated with cups of coffee as they arrived with students.

·         Classroom Volunteers – Parents and guardians were encouraged to volunteer in the classrooms &/or Media Center.  Please contact your child’s teacher &/or Mr. Furtah to see how you can help with special activities or everyday needs.

·         March is Reading Month is just around the corner – Please contact your child’s teacher or Mr. Furtah to offer to help host family book discussions or simply read a favorite story or book to students at teachers’ discretion. This would be a great opportunity to establish a reading or book club at Browning.  Author Bryan Chick will be visiting soon so it would be nice if students were familiar with his work.

Healthy Initiatives

Coinciding with the first anniversary of Michelle Obama’s heavily-publicized campaign against childhood obesity, in a new study published in the American Heart Journal, a team of researchers at the University of Michigan found that sixth-graders who ate the lunch provided by their school were 29 percent more likely to become obese than those who brought lunch from home: a greater risk than the scientists found for those who spent a daily two hours watching TV or playing video games, which increased the obesity risk by a mere 19 percent. The researchers also warn that lunch menu items, like “Big Daddy Pizza Wedge” & “Chocolate Chip Pancakes,” send an unhealthy message to students.

Does good food help lead to academic success? What do you think?  Please participate in the Browning Healthy Initiatives Team Meetings to discuss what we as a community can do to help improve the health & wellness of our students.  Plans are in the works for a Family Fitness Night/Health Fair/Blood Drive.  Your input at Wed., March 2nd PTA Meeting would be greatly appreciated!

Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Volunteering

While many consider Monday Jan. 17th a”holiday” or day off work/school, let’s take a moment to reflect with our children the real reason:  To honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..  Dr. King is usually remembered for his role in the civil rights movement — delivering the “I Have A Dream” speech at a time when such words were still controversial and, ultimately, giving his own life to the cause of equality. What many forget was his dedication to community service.  Through his heroic leadership, he demonstrated what we can accomplish when we stand together.  Dr. King once said, ”Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’”

The Browning PTA greatly appreciates the support, time, & efforts our families and staff have always given us.  We are truly blessed!  However, we are still in need of volunteers to help with our upcoming BINGO & “Donuts with Dad” events, Adventures in Art presenters, an Apparel Order Coordinator, March is Reading Month activities, Family Reading Night, Staff Appreciation Week, etc.  Treasure these opportunities!  Every time we pitch in, we get so much back!  And just the think of the wonderful example you are setting for your children!

For more information or to volunteer, please  visit or email one of our PTA leaders. 

Some of you may have read the following essays….They are a cute, witty take on volunteering at school.  We wanted to share them with our new families to welcome their fresh perspective & enthusiasm as “newbies” and as a fun reminder to us “grizzled veterans” as to why we ensure we are a presence at Browning.  Enjoy!