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Smile hugging Earth

Browning Elementary PTA 2009 BALLOON LAUNCH

Thursday, October 8th

  • Going Green! – Green Balloons
  • Environmentally Friendly – Biodegradable & No Strings
  • Recycling/Environment Survey Questions
  • Grand Prize Drawing for Family Getaway to Kalahari Resort
  • 2009 Balloon Launch Card
  • 10/28/09 – 6 Cards Returned to Date from as far away as Ontario (Canada),  PA, & NY


From the Balloon Launch, Pumpkin Patch/Fundraiser to benefit the Baker Family, Square1Art Project, BoxTop$ contest, Membership Drive, & “Name that Bear” contest, none of these events/fundraisers would have been possible or such successes without the support, creativity, enthusiasm, & assistance of our wonderful volunteers (staff, friends, families, students (past & present,) the community, etc.)  While it took a lot of effort, coordination, & politicking for these FUNdraisers, it was all for great causes (i.e. Browning & the Baker family!)  EVERYONE came together to make this a truly incredible & memorable month! 

Please pat yourselves on the back for helping to raise > $20,000 so far this Fall for our school & the Baker Family.  We’ve all been deeply touched & encouraged by the sense of community spirit, compassion, and selflessness observed throughout Browning in the last few months.  Thanks for your support! Browning is the Best! 

Have a safe & enjoyable Halloween!

Best Regards, Your Browning PTA Leaders