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Browning Elementary
Thursday, Oct. 7th

Who knew FUNraising could be so much fun?!

Who knew FUNraising could be so much fun?!

WOW! For the fifth year in a row, we have been blessed with perfect weather for our Balloon Launch.  With clear skies and mild winds, our balloons ascended high into the sky and drifted south east.  It will be interesting to see where they go this year.  We had fun setting them free and look forward to tracking them as they are returned.  Thus far, we’ve had at least 22 sent back to school.  Hooray!

THANK YOU to all the families who contributed in some way – every donation helps!  Due to your generosity, we’ve raised over $6,500 with this direct donation fundraiser!   We greatly appreciate your support!

Prizes were distributed at a school wide assembly on Friday, Jan. 14th.  Every child in attendance should have received a reward of some sort.  Congratulations to the Majlick Family for winning the Grand Prize drawing for the Family Getaway to Kalahari Resort!  Hope they have a great time!

Many thanks to Lisa Larson for chairing this event & Lisa Williams for soliciting all of the prizes & donations for this important PTA fundraiser!  We greatly appreciate the support of the attached local businesses!  2010 Balloon Launch Recap

2010 Browning PTA Balloon Launch

We love our volunteers!

We love our volunteers!

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Browning Day at Blake’s

The Browning PTA was delighted to offer our families and friends a new event -“Browning Day” at Blake’s Orchard & Cider Mill!  On Saturday, October 9th from 10am –5pm, Browning families enjoyed the gorgeous weather & the Cidermill Barnyard Funland which included:  MountainBarnyard, 500 Tricycle Track, Animal Petting Farm, Giant straw maze and jump, Cornfield Maze, Storybook Barn, Bunnyville, Mr. Bone’s ™ Outhouse, Scarecrow band, Le Roy’s ™ Apple Picking Truck, Haunted Village & Black Hole, Train Ride, Pumpkin Jump,  & Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch!

Blake’s will donate 10% of all our admissions & purchases to Browning PTA!!  Many thanks to Roni Sorgi for coordinating this family fun event!

The Haunted House was a crowd pleaser
The Haunted House was a crowd pleaser

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Poppe (Potato Head Trick or Treaters) Madeline K. (Bernier’s class)
LaCroix (Mr. Potato Head) Jacob G. (Friedrich’s class)
Fisette (Mummy) Joey S. (Johnston’s class)
Garlinghouse (Fankenstein) Carson (Garlinghouse’s class)
Misch (Snowman) Caleh G. (Tocco’s class)
Sierzenga (Spider) Eric W.  (Jahn’s class)
Jahn (Cat) Trent (Westman’s class)
Gilders (Cinderella’s Carriage) Andrei O. (Gilder’s class)
Schepper (Pink Piggy) Julia G. (Andrews class)
Thompson (Flower) Isabella (Thompson’s class)
Slusher (Frankenstein) Eric W.  (Jahn’s class)
Johnston (Silly Face) Dillan D. (Slusher’s class)
Westman (Winner: Big Black Spider) Maximus S. (Johnston’s class)
Friedrich (Captain Underpants) Doka G. (Gilder’s class)
Pacioni (Potato Head Witch) Julia C. (Pacioni’s class)
Keys, Leslie student teacher (Witch) Samantha D. (Tocco’s class)
Palmer (Pencils and Silly bands) Parker S. (Palmer’s class)
Papastamatis (M&M with Can of Candy) Jacquline N. (Papastamatis’s class)
Tocco (2nd place: Nemo) Jeanette M. (Jahn’s class)
Mrs. Andrews (Baseball player with gum & hat) Fabio (Bernier’s class)
Hesske, Mrs. Student teacher (Pink Fairy) Amber H. (Johnston’s class)
Scott (Snake that ate pumpkin) Allan (Slusher’s class)
Furtah (iTunes card and Markers) Cami P. (Pacioni’s class)
Gauthier (Ladybug) Amber H. (Johnston’s class)
Irvine (Baby) Maria S. (Bartalino/Fisette’s class)
Hassell (Elephant) Angelina B. (Pacioni’s class)

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Students had the opportunity to view & purchase raffle tickets during their lunch time from Monday, Oct. 4th to Wednesday, Oct. 6th. Tickets were 50 cents each.   Parents may pick up their prize pumpkins at their earliest convenience.

Mrs. Hassell's 2010 Entry

Mrs. Hassell's 2010 Entry

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Balloon card returned from Zoar Ohio

Jason Collins returned a card from Zoar Ohio, nearly 250 miles from Browning Elementary.

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Letter for Jason Collins

Letter for Jason Collins