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Hope you are all enjoying what we are sure will be another amazing school year! 

We’ve always been blessed with a wonderfully strong sense of community involvement at Browning and, now more than ever, it and the important connection between home and school are critical to further bolster our student achievement and prepare them for the ever changing world.  As such, we’ve adopted “It takes a Village!” as our 2011/2012 PTA theme.  We hope to provide events, initiatives, and community service opportunities to bring us all together for the greater good – our kids!

On behalf of the entire Browning Elementary family, the PTA would like to invite you to join us by volunteering just a few hours of your time throughout year & support our efforts to supplement the classroom learning environment.  As you know, budget cuts have had an impact on every school and Browning is no exception.  Without PTA fundraising dollars, your support, & volunteers, the opportunity for on-site learning experiences, field trips, playground equipment, supplemental learning materials, and, as in the past, Family Fun Events would not be possible. 

Why should I get involved?   When parents get involved in their children’s education, good things happen. Children with involved parents are more likely to graduate and go on to higher education. Schools with strong parent involvement are more successful. There are many reasons to get involved. Here are just a few examples:

  • I like to have a voice in school decisions that affect my children.
  • I get the chance to meet and share ideas with other parents & the Browning staff.
  • I can help bring opportunities to the students that they may not otherwise have.
  • It keeps me updated with information about the school.
  • It shows my kids that school is important & worth my time.

 Am I expected to volunteer?   The opportunities that we provide for the students cannot take place without volunteers. We encourage you to become involved, but it is not mandatory. We have a variety of ways you can volunteer from small tasks to large ones. We understand that not everyone has the time available to volunteer. We want to stress that we appreciate your input and ideas, whether you can volunteer or not. 

 This year, the Browning PTA includes/represents EVERY family & staff member at Browning!  No membership dues.  No enrollment.  We all have a vested interest in ensuring our children have the best possible learning environment.  Let’s “Pay It Forward” to support all of our students and our school!  Together, we can make a difference for Browning the best!!

 Browning Elementary’s 2011/2012 PTA Leaders

President - Michelle Pugh          [email protected]             566-2450

Vice President - Brad Glonka   [email protected]   871-6896

Secretary - Sue Medina                 [email protected]             247-4787

Treasurer - Tina Wyffels             [email protected]             202-0295

Events - Dawn Neubacher          [email protected]                   566-7080

Fundraising - Jill DeJesus          [email protected]       360-4404


“It takes a Village!” – African Proverb

Please visit our website periodically for updates & sign up for email notifications of PTA events & initiatives!


Thanks to all who participated in this year’s Entertainment Book Fundraiser!  Proceeds from the sale help to fund PTA sponsored projects throughout the school year, including offsite learning opportunities.  We greatly appreciate Mary Michalek & Cheryl Troppens once again co-chairing this profitable fundraiser. In the past few years, Entertainment Book sales have generated roughly 20% of all funds raised for PTA sponsored initiatives each year!