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Browning Elementary
Thursday, Oct. 7th

Who knew FUNraising could be so much fun?!

Who knew FUNraising could be so much fun?!

WOW! For the fifth year in a row, we have been blessed with perfect weather for our Balloon Launch.  With clear skies and mild winds, our balloons ascended high into the sky and drifted south east.  It will be interesting to see where they go this year.  We had fun setting them free and look forward to tracking them as they are returned.  Thus far, we’ve had at least 22 sent back to school.  Hooray!

THANK YOU to all the families who contributed in some way – every donation helps!  Due to your generosity, we’ve raised over $6,500 with this direct donation fundraiser!   We greatly appreciate your support!

Prizes were distributed at a school wide assembly on Friday, Jan. 14th.  Every child in attendance should have received a reward of some sort.  Congratulations to the Majlick Family for winning the Grand Prize drawing for the Family Getaway to Kalahari Resort!  Hope they have a great time!

Many thanks to Lisa Larson for chairing this event & Lisa Williams for soliciting all of the prizes & donations for this important PTA fundraiser!  We greatly appreciate the support of the attached local businesses!  2010 Balloon Launch Recap

2010 Browning PTA Balloon Launch

We love our volunteers!

We love our volunteers!

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Children Are Like Balloons
By Dan Gauthier


Children are like balloons with a message inside.

They start out small

and we inflate them with something of ourselves.


As we pour our lives into them,

they spread sunshine, give joy,

brighten the days and cheer up the sick.

They remind us of being young and that life is fragile.

They celebrate living.


When discouraged, they are like a balloon that deflates.

A simple openness allow us to refill them with hope for the future

And feeling that they are special,

and the knowledge that they are loved.


Their enthusiasm is like a balloon carried on the wind

with never ending energy.  They sway and drift,

it’s then that they need our prayers and loving guidance,

without too much pressure that would cause them to burst.


The time comes, sprinkled with tears and joy,

when others are able to read the message

we have written on their hearts.

So we let go and with faith we let fate guide our precious balloons.

Not the end…but truly the beginning.