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WOW! The Browning the Best Staff once again went above & beyond with their creativity & efforts with this year’s pumpkins!   We greatly appreciate it as it helped raise >$650 to help support & enhancee our children’s learning environments! 

Here are just a few pics of the “MASTERPUMPKINS!” Sample Pumpkins
Many thanks to all of the staff who graciously donated their time, talent, & personal touch to make this FUNdraiser a success! You truly are what makes Browning the Best!
Congratulations to all the winners!
Mrs. Poppe’s Black Cat – Kenndy P
Mrs. Bartalino’s Cinderella – Beesan
Mrs. Friedrich’s Elephant – Emily Q
Mrs. Misch’s Angry Birds – Red Bird Cooper V, Blue Birds David R, Andrei O, Jessica W 
Mrs. Sierzenga’s Pig – Morgan D
Mrs. Jahn’s A Bad Case of Stripes – Lexus
Mrs. Schepper’s Where the Wild Things Are – Lexi
Ms. Thompson’s Cupcake – Joseph D
Mrs. Johnston’s 3 Eyed Monster – Donovan G
Mrs. Slusher (Ms. Pamaville)’s Bunch of Eyes Monster – Alyssa Z
Mrs. Westman’s Witch M&M – Tamin
Ms. Jarboe’s Snowman – Amber H
Mrs. Pacioni’s Clown – Jenna M
Mrs. Palmer (Ms. Pianel)’s Witch – Brady W
Mrs. Bernier’s Big Red Angry Bird with Plush Pig – Abby C
Mrs. Papastamatis (Ms. Vandoorne)’s Bear – Ryan K
Mrs. Tocco’s Smurf – Cami P
Mrs. Andrews’s Bumble Bee – Alexander H
Mr. Scott’s Fish – Alexis B
Mrs. Bogoski’s Detroit Tiger Baseball – Griffin
Mrs. Surowiec’s Jeweled Pumpkin – Victoria D
Mrs. Gauthier’s Monster – Jacob G
Mr. Furtah’s Halloween Lights – Evan S
Mrs. Irvine’s Candy Corn – Cole S
Mrs. Zacharski’s Pink M&M – Renee T
Ms. Melissa’s Haunted Pumpkin House – Maria B
Mrs. Hassell’s Snorkler – Cameron