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PTA Board Nominations

Please complete the form below for 2016/2017 school year PTA board.
Forms must be submitted by May 31, 2016

It’s hard to believe the year is winding down & it’s time to start planning for 2016/2017school year already. As much as the current officers and committee members love what they do, it’s always exciting to involve new families and bring in fresh ideas. It would be a disservice to our school if we didn’t. The Browning PTA is comprised of all families and staff in our school who work together to support the students. We are blessed with a wonderful community of extensive parental support and volunteers just like you!

What are the basic job responsibilities of board members?

  • Attend board meetings scheduled as needed throughout the school year
  • Act as liaison between President and board and those Chairs who fall in to your subject area (i.e.FUNdraising Chair serves as liaison between PTA Board / President and chairs of Balloon Launch, Fun Fair, etc.)

Board Position Descriptions

Time Commitment: 4-8 hours per week
Busiest Times of Year: Busiest at the beginning of the year but flattens out a bit as year progresses. Picks up again at year end

  • Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTA
  • Act as liaison between parents and principal / staff
  • Recruit all PTA Committee Chairs
  • Create agenda and facilitate PTA meetings
  • Create agenda and facilitate PTA board meetings
  • Create a welcome corresponsdance for parents in September
  • Create school calendar and budget with Principal and PTA Board
  • Speak at Curriculum Night and other events
  • Additional special projects as needed

FUNdraising Chair
Time Commitment: 2 hours per week; much more during peak times
Busiest Times of Year: Around major fund raisers- Balloon Launch, Fun Fair, etc .

  • Recruit and support committee chairs for key fund-raising events
  • Continue to monitor success of fund-raisers and to recommend changes to fund raising objectives and strategies

Events Chair
Time Commitment: 5-8 hours per month
Busiest Times of Year: On-going

  • Recruit committee of volunteers for events (i.e. Family Fun Nights, Staff Appreciation, Fall Festival, etc..)

Vice President
Time Commitment: 3-6 hours per month
Busiest Times of Year: Back-to-School but also on going

  • Maintain PTA website & database of volunteers & email addresses
  • Provides these to board members and chairs as needed
  • Help other volunteer coordinators to coordinate the schedules and demands on their volunteers
  • Fill in for President as needed

Time Commitment: 30 hours per year
Busiest Times of Year: Following each PTA meeting

  • Records minutes at PTA meetings. Forward to president for review, and then submit minutes for inclusion on website and on bulletin board. Make copies of the minutes for the next PTA meeting so they can be approved by the membership.
  • Keep records of programs and events at Browning. Take photos all year for PTA Bulletin Board
  • Decorates & Maintains Bulletin Board
  • Distribute PTA communications

Time Commitment: Approximately 100 hours per year
Busiest Times of Year: Beginning/End of the year, some summer work getting budget ready for Fall, ongoing throughout year.

  • With the president, generate the PTA budget
  • Prepare the annual tax return
  • Inform committees of budgeted funds
  • Pay bills and reimbursements as required
  • Oversee ongoing PTA finances, ensure adherence to approved PTA budget
  • Inform committees of budgeted funds
  • Prepare and present budget report for each PTA meeting.