Introducing Your 2013/2014 PTA Parent Leaders!

We have a great group of dedicated & enthusiastic parent leaders in place for the 2013/2014 School Year!   Lots of changes on the horizon…….. 

President - Suanne Wyatt
Vice President - Tina Wyffels 
Secretary - Sue Medina
Treasurer - Karen Pluger
Fundraising  - Brad Glonka & Jennifer Antwon
Events - Jen Sornig

They will assume their responsibilities at the June 11th PTA Meeting!  

Please welcome, congratulate, thank, & support them for accepting the challenge!

Green School

Volunteer Appreciation Week at the Paradise Cafe!

Many thanks to the teachers and staff who provided the wonderful “Paradise Cafe” for Volunteer Appreciation Week (May 20-23rd!)  We greatly appreciate your generosity & partnership!   Working together has always been the key to our students and Browning’s success!

Teaching is a work of heart

Beautify Browning on Earth Day

Green SchoolSpring is in the air! 

Volunteers needed to Beautify Browning on Earth Day!

Monday, April 22nd from 2-4PM

Students & staff will participate from approximately 3-3:30PM

Please bring your shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc. to help with the clean-up.  Buck$ for Bloom$ envelopes will come home this week for donations towards landscaping, mulch, flowers, trash bags, etc. 

As always, we greatly appreciate your support! 

Any questions, please email [email protected]

Be the Good

6th Grade Memory Book

Dear Browning 6th Grade Parents,

It’s hard to believe our children are leaving Browning Elementary!  It seems like yesterday we were so excited for them to start Elementary.

Each year a Memory Book is created with the help of all the parents.  It is also funded by Browning PTA.  I have volunteered to be the chair person this year with the assistance of PTA members and parents.

We would like to make this book very special so we need all of the Browning 6th Grade Parents support.  What we need are pictures of your sixth graders.  Digital images work best.  If you could dig through your pictures, this is what we are looking for:

  • Individual Class Kindergarten picture
  • Any fun images taken during any Browning Events or during school
  • One image of your child doing something fun the summer before starting 6th Grade

To keep things organized I have created an email account and Shutterfly account specifically for the Browning 6th Grade Memory book.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD’S BACKPACK FOR INFO REGARDING UPLOADING PICTURES.  Or send an email to [email protected] and details will be sent to you directly.

DEADLINE: March 10th, 2013 Please have your images uploaded as soon as possible or no later than March 10th 2013

If we do not receive any images of your child he/she will not make some of the pages in the Memory book.

If you are not able upload digital images to the site they can be scanned.  Please email me at [email protected].

Thank you !

Renee Zoltowski
[email protected]

Dear Browning 6th Grade Parents,

It’s hard to believe our children are leaving Browning Elementary! It seems like yesterday we were so excited for them to start Elementary.

Each year a Memory Book is created with the help of all the parents. It is also funded by Browning PTA. I have volunteered to be the chair person this year with the assistance of PTA members and parents.

We would like to make this book very special so we need all of the Browning 6th Grade Parents support. What we need are pictures of your sixth graders.

Experience Flavor Tourism at Pei Wei Diner – Wed., Feb. 20th

Experience Flavor Tourism at PEI WEI ASIAN DINER & help support Browning students!

PLEASE JOIN US:  Wednesday, Feb. 20th from 11am – 9pm

 Pei Wei is a purveyor of culture, art and diversity

through the tastes, sights and smells we provide with every dining experience.

To help keep culture, art and diversity alive in our communities,

simply present this invitation to the cashier

and Pei Wei will contribute 20% of your order

(pre-tax, excluding beer/wine) to BROWNING ELEMENTARY PTA!

When:  Anytime Wednesday, Feb. 20th from 11am – 9pm

Where:  Pei Wei Asian Diner

13937 Lakeside Circle

Sterling Heights, MI 48313


Browning Day @ Olga’s!


When: Thurs., March 14th from 10:30am – 10:00pm

Where: Two Olga’s Kitchen locations!

43201 Garfield – Clinton Township, MI – (586) 416-0300

14600 Lakeside Circle – Sterling Heights, MI – (586) 247-5890

How: Present this flyer and we will donate a percentage of your bill to support Browning.

Visit to R.S.V.P.

Print extra flyers and invite friends!

Visit for location information.

Valid on above date at Olga’s Kitchen, Clinton Township, MI location only.

Donation does not include Olga’s Cash Card sales.

Flyer may not be distributed in the restaurant or within the parking areas.

Browning Students Issued New Rink Passes for Mid-Winter Break

Get moving & skating with your Browning the Best friends
to burn up some off some of that winter-time energy!
Skate Passes were distributed to classes on Thursday before Break.
The New Rink is located at  50625 Van Dyke Avenue, Shelby Township, Michigan
Check them out at
the new rink

Market Day – A PTA fundraiser that nourishes their future!

Market Day

Market Day offers the unique opportunity to bring quality, convenient, affordable, & nutritious food choices to our busy families.  Best of all, at least 10% of every purchase comes back to Browning PTA to help provide field trips, onsite learning opportunities, & supplement the classrooms.  Sign up today to participate in Browning PTA’s Market Day program (Browning is school #11784.)  Shop the monthly items at

Order Deadline: Thursday, March 7, 2013
11:00pm CST
Order Pick Up: Wednesday, March 13, 2013
4:00 p.m.

Any questions or concerns, please contact Market Day Coordinator Sue Trypus (586-489-0978 or [email protected])

Check it out! School lunches from around the world!

Jazz up your child’s lunch by thinking outside lunch box staples and choosing foods from different parts of the world instead. The essential building blocks of these dishes — rice, beans, noodles, and chicken — can be prepared ahead (and served for dinner the night before) then transformed into wraps, rolls, flatbreads, soups, or salads for lunch.

Our Children Create our World

10 Reasons To Get Involved in 2013

1 – Your child benefits.  

Even more than they already do, your child will attach herself/himself to you when you volunteer in their classroom. Every time you look down, they’ll be smiling proudly up at you. In a few more years, that same child may have left your side but they may also will pointedly ignore you.  But that’s OK because… You’ve been showing up at their school for the past 12 years, which taught them a lesson they’ll carry with them forever.     

2 – We make a difference.  

Our mission is to create the kind of school community where teachers and administrators can do their best work—and so can our children. We help provide support for teachers in and out of the classroom. We help provide the resources they need. We help create learning opportunities for all our children. Basically, we try to build the kind of supportive, caring atmosphere that makes school “fun.”

3 – We pledge to honor your time constraints. 

People are often reluctant to participate because they’re afraid they’ll get pulled into a black hole of never-ending time commitments. Just an hour or two a semester really makes a difference. 

4 – It’s fun! 

Volunteer work shouldn’t be drudgery. We accomplish a lot and not everything we do is easy. However, we know we’re not balancing the national debt either. So, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we try to enjoy ourselves along the way.

5- Meet amazing people who share your concerns and passion for our kids! 

We all have a common bond. We care about creating the best possible educational experience for our children.  We are neighbors and peers who share many of the same experiences.  Many wonderful friendships have developed as a result of those connections.

6 – There’s a lot to be done. 

These days, schools are asked to do more with less.  Our help is needed more than ever to fill the gaps. 

7 – We can match jobs to your interests and abilities. 

It takes a Village.  As such, it takes many, many volunteers to make the wonderful events & initiatives we provide a success.  We greatly appreciate your time & talents.  The work we do covers a broad spectrum: filing and photocopying, planning and executing events, writing and editing, working directly with children, managing a budget and cash flow, and lots more. We encourage creative ideas, and we’re thrilled to have people take on tasks that meet their skills and interests. 

 8 – We are family.  Browning has a long standing history community involvement. 

We are all in this together.  There are no “outsiders.” We are all families who have come together to work toward common goals.  We couldn’t be happier to have you join us in working toward those goals.

9 – We’re about parent involvement, not just fundraising. 

 Our #1 goal is to get more families connected to the school.  More than 300 independent research studies show that building parent involvement in education is the #1 thing we can do to create a great school and improve student performance.

10- What could be more rewarding?!

It’s seeing the bright light of learning sparkle in a child’s eye. It’s seeing the smile that shows we’re making school a little more fun—and a child feel a little more comfortable in a learning environment. It’s learning that test scores have risen and knowing you’ve played a role in it.  There are lots of rewards, both big and small, for those who get involved.

Please join in the fun!