FAQ’S About PTA Membership

How do I join the PTA?

Every parent, student, and staff member at Browning Elementary is a member of the W.B. Browning PTA!

What it the PTA?

The Browning PTA is a local group of concerned parents, students, teachers, and staff dedicated to improving the learning environment and strengthening the connection between home and school.  Our focus is to provide opportunities for parents and teachers to work together to support the education & social well being of our students…..NOT just fundraising!   It is our goal to build the kind of community where everyone feels welcome, valued, and a part of the “team.”   Together, we can make a difference.Browning PTA

Why should I get involved?

Research shows that when parents get involved in their children’s education, good things happen.  Grades go up, test scores go up, and discipline problems go down.  Children with involved parents are more likely to graduate and go on to higher education.  Schools with strong parent involvement are more successful, and teachers report it’s a much better working environnment.

There are many reasons to get involved. Here are just a few examples:

  • I like to have a voice in school decisions that affect my children.
  • I get the chance to meet and share ideas with other parents & the Browning staff.
  • I can help bring opportunities to the students that they may not otherwise have.
  • It keeps me updated with information about the school.
  • It shows my kids that school is important & worth my time.

What happens at a PTA meeting?

The PTA meets periodically to discuss the happenings of the school.  Ideas are sought and shared about how we can help the students achieve success.  We discuss current and future events being sponsored by the PTA. Financial statements are reviewed at each meeting. The meetings are generally one hour in length.  Free babysitting & physical fitness activity for students will be provided for families attending the meeting.

While PTA meetings are necessary and critical for planning and financial reviews, please do not see them as a requirement!  We understand the time constraints on families today.   We’d much rather have your support in the classroom, at events, etc. than asking you to choose between an hour with your family, “down-time,” or attending a PTA meeting.

Am I expected to volunteer?

The opportunities that we provide for the students cannot take place without volunteers. We encourage you to become involved, but it is not mandatory. We have a variety of ways you can volunteer from small tasks to large ones.  If each household of the Browning PTA (students & staff) could contribute at least one hour or more of time each year, we’d be blessed with at least 500 hours of volunteer service.  That said, we understand that not everyone may be in a position to volunteer. We want to stress that we appreciate your input and ideas, whether you can volunteer or not.

It takes a village to raise a child.
- African proverb

Our Children create our world