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Go Green Night – Thursday, February 11th

PTA Sponsored Family Fun Go Green Night!

When: Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Where: Browning Elementary School

FREE– Your donation of used cell phones, batteries, ink cartridges, & bottles/cans at the door will be greatly appreciated!

Protecting the environment has always been important.  However, the concept of “Going Green” has become more widespread and, yes, even fashionable recently.  From reusable bags to organic t-shirts/vegetables, saving the planet has gained a lot of attention from adults but what do our children really know about it?   

In order to make this event a success, several volunteers and donations are still needed.   If you are able to contribute your time or one of the following items, please contact Michelle Pugh ([email protected] or 566-2450) or one of our amazing Recycling Club sponsors ([email protected] or [email protected]):

  • clean/used girls tights or men’s tube socks
  • assorted felt, buttons, ribbons
  • scrap paper
  • snacks (i.e. apples, veggies, organic/locally grown products)

As always, your time, consideration, and participation would be greatly appreciated!

 Best Regards,

Your Browning PTA