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Balloon Launch results

Dear Parents:   Thank you to all the parents that contributed to our 2009/10 Balloon Launch Fundraiser for Browning’s PTA.  We had a successful event with 12 students receiving their balloon cards back and raising $5,091.20 to go towards our Browning Elementary children.  Some of our students received some really nice notes back with their returned balloon cards.    Our event was highlighted in the C & G Newspaper giving our event local press.

The PTA raffled an overnight stay to the Kalahari Resort.  Each student of Browning had their name in the drawing with a minimum donation of $20.00 with a $40.00 maximum per family.  The winner of the Kalahari stay is Austin Rasho.  Congratulations!  

Thank you for your generosity and for your support along the way.  We look forward to a rewarding, educational and fun year for our Browning Students.

2009/10 PTA Sponsored Event
Balloons Found/Calculated in Approximate Air Miles

Jeffrey             Pre-K/Room 2                         Sterling Heights, MI

(Mrs. Washburn found)            Less than 1

Bobby              Grade K                                   Sterling Heights, MI                  Less than 1

(Found by the church)

Casey               Pre-K/Room 2                         Sterling Heights, MI                  Less than 1

(near school)

Shawn              Grade 4/Room 12                    China Township, MI                 32 Air Miles *

Victoria G.       Grade 5                                    No City Given – Canada          Unknown

Milan                Grade K p.m.                           Simcoe, Ontario                       140 Air Miles

Samantha         Grade 2/Room 9                      Westfield, NY                          177 Air Miles

Parker              Grade 3/Room 24                    Buffalo, NY                              212 Air Miles

Logan N.          Grade 1/Room 16                    Dushore, PA                            349 Air Miles

Michael O.       Grade K                                   Udora, ON  (note)                   419 Air Miles

Madison           Grade 5/Room 16                    Chatham Twp., PA (note)         420 Air Miles

Jonathan           Grade 6/Room 24                    Wellsville, NY                          446 Air Miles

Did you know that: The distance between Wellsville, NY and Hartford, CT is 111 air miles WOW that balloon went far!

* Balloon that went in a totally different direction!