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Art Adventures Program

Browning is in need of presenters for our 2010-2011 Art Adventures Program! 

Who would be a great Art Adventures presenter?

  • A volunteer, who enjoys, admires or has a passion for art.
  • A volunteer who does not need to be artist…just creative!
  • A volunteer who presents art and/or artist information to students in their classrooms. He or she is not teaching or painting in the classrooms.
  • A volunteer who receives aid and support from Browning’s chairperson for Art Adventures Program.
  • A presenter can be anyone (stay-at-home moms/dads, working moms/dads, retirees, grandparents, godparents, older siblings, etc.…..)
    An Art Adventure presenter is a volunteer who wants to help out the students, make a difference at Browning, and most of all have fun!

For more information, please fill out a volunteer form or contact Browning’s Art Adventures Chairperson, Vaishali Mahimkar ([email protected]). 

2010 Browning Adventures in Art Program