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Let’s Make the Most of 2010!

It’s a new year – a time of fresh experiences and beginnings.   We hope that everyone enjoyed a joyous holiday season!  The following are just a few ways you can  help ensure the rest of this school year is the best yet!

  • January 23 - NATIONAL HANDWRITING DAY:  In this age of texting & typing, please encourage your child to reaquaint themselves with using the “old fashioned” pen or pencil & practice their “John Hancocks” on Jan. 23rd for National Handwriting Day!  On this date, John Hancock (one of our founding fathers) signed our nation’s Constitution. 
  • February 11 – GO GREEN NIGHT:  Protecting the environment has always been important and has gained a lot of attention lately, but how much do our kids know about it?  From turning off the water when brushing your teeth to sending emails instead of newsletters, there are many ways we can all do our part to help the environment.  Please join us on February 11th from 6:30-8PM for a family fun event to help show us all the importance of the 3 R’s:  REDUCE, REUSE, & RECYCLE!
  • March 11th – FAMILY READING NIGHT:  Please join us from 6:30-8PM for a celebration of reading!  Research validates that children who read at home do better in school & are more likely to do succeed academically when their parents are involved in their school.  We hope to set the scene for a Family Reading night like no other for all!  

As always, these events would not be possible without our amazing volunteers! 

Best Regards,