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A message from Dr. Christine M. Johns, Superintendent of the Utica Community Schools

Dear UCS Supporter:

 Our visits to Lansing are having a positive effect!

 This week, we had the opportunity not only to meet with our local legislators, but Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop met with our delegation for nearly an hour, hearing our concerns.

While we still haven’t finished the job, our local legislators are beginning to understand that parents have high expectations for their children’s future, and that a strong public education system is critical to their success.  Understanding is the first step; motivating our legislators to act on behalf of students is the second.

 Even when we aren’t in Lansing, it’s critical that we continue to press ahead with our message.  Within the week, the legislature must come up with funding to offset the $127 per pupil reductions made through the Governor’s executive order cuts.

I urge you to continue to write, telephone, email and fax your legislators.  Ask them:

  • Will you agree to use federal stimulus dollars set aside for 2010-2011 to eliminate the $127 per pupil cuts?  This support would allow school districts to make it through this school year without devastating cuts and provide time to plan for next year.  If they won’t support it, why?
  • Are you willing to modify the way public schools are funded?  Proposal A no longer provides a stable source of school funding.  If not, what are your ideas to provide for the education of Michigan’s children?
  • Because the current system of school funding depends upon revenues from income and sales taxes, are you willing to consider such revenue enhancements as income tax on retiree pensions and certain IRAs and/or a tax on services such as haircuts and other items currently exempt from tax?  If not, what ideas do you have to improve revenues?

 I thank each of you for your continuing support of our students.  This experience has truly been a grass roots effort and I am very proud of the success we already have achieved.  I look forward to continuing this relationship and, as always, if you need to contact me, please feel free to do so. 


 Christine M. Johns, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools